Interesting reading!

I have just finished reading the first round of blog posts produce by the Gendering the British students.  I was impressed by the range of content and the thought put into the language, interaction and design. The range of visual material was excellent.

I have made comments on all the blogs and I have noticed some students have provided some positive feedback on a couple of blogs.   Please take the time to follow their example and look at each others’ posts.  At this stage, some honest positive encouragement is really welcome!

I know it can be daunting starting off a blog and I want to say congratulations and “well done” to everyone for rising to the challenge.

Thank you everyone


Tips on how (not) to write!

My colleague in History, Michael Talbot is a keen blogger and he has recommended the following guide on how not to write essays, courtesy of Donald Trump.

Much of the advice also applies to writing an academic blog post.


Students can manage who can see their blogsite and posts.  To change the privacy setting for the entire site go to My sites – configure – settings. There is a choice of “public”, “hidden” and “private”.

“public” means it is visible to all and indexed by search engines

“hidden” means visible to all but NOT indexed

“private” means only visible to you and others you approve.

If you choose the “private” option then you must approve access to the course coordinator and at least 3 others students taking the course, as well as to staff moderating second marking and external examination.